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  GASTRO-TAR Company for many years produces equipment for small and large commercial kitchens. We specialize in electric and gas chicken Rotisseries. Significant parts of the production are Kebab Grills, Salamander Grills, Fryers, Shish Kebab Grills, Hog Roast Rotisseries and Smoke House Machines. Our products are available in hundreds of retail outlets throughout Poland and European Countries. On individual request we made stainless steel furniture such as tables, sinks, Bain Marries, Heated Cabinets, extract hoods, waiter carts, shelves etc. Please see our product range for more details.
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New! Gas Hog Roast Rotisserie for whole Hog
New open construction of Gas Hog Roast Rotisserie has got installed thermal power of 40kW what gives an ability to serve product after 60min of roasting (more)
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